Barış Ticaret was established in 1988. It serves its customers in an area of 100,000 m². We provide employment opportunities for 800 people in our facilities. Our company benefits from the convenience of the latest technology in order to meet today's needs and requirements. Our aim is to offer the best quality in fabric production to the customer with the right price policy and to create ever-increasing customer satisfaction. Our environmentally friendly factory, which follows today's technology in the best way, has become a sought-after company in the textile industry in a short time with its expert staff. exports to countries.

Our company aims to be the leader of the sector in Turkey and in the world and to have a reputable brand value. In line with this vision and within the framework of environmental awareness, it continues its new technology investments.

With the investments made by our company, our yarn facility has increased its daily production capacity of 20,000 kg. In addition, we produce high-quality cotton, combed and compact yarn from modal fibers in our ring spinning mill equipped with the latest technology. In our Airjet operation; We produce “vortex” yarn consisting of a mixture of cotton, viscose and modal fibers. In our knitting facility, 55,000 kg of raw fabric with or without lycra, open width and tube, is produced with 86 circular knitting machines to be used in our own facilities. In our dyeing facility, an average of 55,000 kg of dyed fabric is obtained as the final product per day. In our knitted fabric dyehouse equipped with automation, ram, sanforizing, raising, brush applications and endpoint quality control machines are checked and made ready for shipment. In our Rotation Printing facility, which has a printing capacity of 50,000 meters/day, patterns and variants are carefully created by our expert staff in line with the wishes of our customers.




Barış Ticaret, adopts the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction, where the cost decreases and the quality increases, by using the latest and most accurate technology in the constantly changing and developing business world, and produces environmentally friendly products as soon as possible by following fashion and trends.


To reach the leader of the sector and high brand value in Turkey and in the international market.